RoShamBo Sunglasses Ear/Strap Adjuster Kit


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The Roshambo Sunglasses ear/strap adjuster kit comes with two options to get the perfect fit for your child’s sunglasses! The head strap and ear adjusters are both made with a comfy, stretchy, light, and easily detachable clear silicone material that is perfect for baby, toddler and junior size glasses. 

TO USE HEAD STRAP: The head strap will help keep glasses on your child’s face to prevent losing them or sliding off during playtime. The strap has hollow tips on each end, which slide right onto the end of the sunglasses arm pieces. It will tuck right behind your child’s ears and under the lower part of their head, and not bother them while wearing the head strap. 

TO USE EAR ADJUSTERS: The kids' ear adjuster pieces help create a better fit on infants or toddlers growing into a larger size. These ear adjusters help tighten up the fit of the sunglasses arms, and slide up the arm of the sunglasses on each side. It should tuck behind your child’s ear if the arm is too long and the glasses are sliding off their face.